AI-HCI - A Networking Opportunity for students

Wednesday, 29 June 2022, 14:30 – 16:30 (CEST - Gothenburg, Sweden)


A workshop for Students by Students: Let’s Discover and Shape Topics within the AI/HCI Space. Attendees will have an opportunity to meet, learn, collaborate, and discover AI/ HCI topics with others interested in the area.


Content and Benefits:

The aim is to give students the space and time to network. Conversation topics will be crowdsourced and ranked during the workshop. This event is loosely structured and breakout groups will be created by the workshop organizers, in order to bring together attendees of like interests to discover and shape the future of the AI/HCI Space.


Outline of Event (2 Hours):

  • Introduction
  • Ice Breaker
  • Purpose
  • Brainstorm and Rank
  • Breakout Groups
  • Reconvene


Target Audience:

All students are welcome to participate. For participation in the Workshop, you need to be registered for the Conference.

Short Bio of Facilitators:

  1. Arun

    Arun Jose, is currently doing an MSc in Web Engineering at TU Chemnitz in Germany. He worked as a SW Developer at Siemens Gamesa for four years and is currently a working student at Siemens AG.

  2. Jacob

    Originally from Arkansas, Jacob Hart is working on his PhD in Computer Science at The University of Tulsa, in Oklahoma. Prior to working on his PhD, Jacob worked on various computer vision and forecasting projects. Currently, he works in the Human Centric Software Engineering lab at TU with a research focus in conversational agents.

  3. Pouyan:

    Pouyan Asgharian is a PhD student of Robotics at the University of Sherbrooke (UdeS) in Canada. His research areas relate to learning-based socially assistive robots for aged people and human-robot interaction. Prior to his PhD, Pouyan worked on applying control methods like MPC to converters.

  4. Cosmas: Cosmas Ndubuisi is a research student of CardiffMet University, striving to improve human interactions with Extended Reality Technologies. Cosmas has previously researched and published a few works on motion capture and virtual reality for small scale production. Currently, he is also engaged as a User Experience Specialist and is helping to build solutions that solve complex human needs.

Workshop contact:
Jacob Hart,