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(Last Updated: 30 June, 2022)
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Sunday, 26 June 2022
19:30 - 21:30

S028: AI in the Loop
Chairs: Gertraud Koch, Chris Biemann, Germany

  • Putting Users in the Loop: How User Research Can Guide AI Development for a Consumer-Oriented Self-Service Portal
    Frank Binder, Jana Diels, Julian Balling, Oliver Albrecht, Robert Sachunsky, J. Nathanael Philipp, Yvonne Scheurer, Marlene Münsch, Markus Otto, Andreas Niekler, Gerhard Heyer, Christian Thorun, Germany
  • D-WISE Tool Suite for the Sociology of Knowledge Approach to Discourse
    Gertraud Koch, Chris Biemann, Isabel Eiser, Tim Fischer, Florian Schneider, Teresa Stumpf, Alejandra Tijerina Garcia, Germany
  • Artificial Speech is Culture: Conversational UX Designers and the Work of Usable Conversational Voice Assistants
    Elizabeth Rodwell, United States
Monday, 27 June 2022
15:00 - 17:00

S057: Ethics in Future AI Design
Chairs: Pertti Saariluoma, Jaana Hallamaa, Finland

  • Placing Blame in Multi-Agent Systems
    Jaana Hallamaa, Taina Kalliokoski, Finland
  • Psychological and Cognitive Challenges in Sustainable AI Design
    Mari Myllylä, Finland
  • Will Robots Know That They Are Robots? The Ethics of Utilizing Learning Machines
    Rebekah Rousi, Finland
  • Mental Contents in Designing AI Ethics
    Pertti Saariluoma, Mari Myllylä, Antero Karvonen, Finland

S058: Current State of Research in the Development of User Interfaces for Cultural Contexts
Chair: Rüdiger Heimgärtner, Germany

  • KEEP fit Worldwide: Cultural Adaptations of the User Interface of Mobile Fitness Apps in Different Language Versions
    Yuwei Liu, P.R. China; Rüdiger Heimgärtner, Germany
  • The “Onion Model of Human Factors”: A Theoretical Framework for Cross-Cultural Design
    Zhi Guo, United States; Pei-Luen Patrick Rau, P.R. China; Rüdiger Heimgärtner, Germany
  • Using k-Means Clustering to Classify Protest Songs Based on Conceptual and Descriptive Audio Features
    Yanru Jiang, United States; Xin Jin, Hong Kong
  • Participatory Practices in a Miniature Community Museum Based on Interaction Design Approaches
    Lili Zheng, Geng Huang, Pei Wang, P.R. China
  • The Importance of Culturally-Situated Design on Children’s Interaction with Speech-Enabled Features in an Online Spelling Tutor
    Phaedra S. Mohammed, Trinidad and Tobago; Andre Coy, Jamaica; Paulson Skerrit, Trinidad and Tobago; Yewande Lewis Fokum, Jamaica; Asad Mohammed, Trinidad and Tobago; Aneeqah Hosein, Jamaica
Tuesday, 28 June 2022
12:00 - 14:00

S117: The Deep Fake and the Deep Identification in the Bie-modernist Cultural Computing Vision
Chair: JianJiang Wang, P.R. China

  • From Online Games to "Metaverse": The Expanding Impact of Virtual Reality in Daily Life
    Shengyu Jian, Xin Chen, Jiaping Yan, P.R. China
  • Bie-modernist Culture Computing is on the Road of Deep Distinguishing
    Jun Chang, P.R. China
  • The road of "Bie modernist" in the development of Chinese modern design
    Wenzhi Wu, P.R. China
  • Bie-Modernism with Cultural Calculations in Multiple Dimensions
    Zifeng Qi, Haiguang Chen, Mingxing Liu, JianJiang Wang, P.R. China
14:30 - 16:30

S142: Digital Technologies in Cultural Heritage
Chair: Matthias Rauterberg, Netherlands

  • About Non-Living Things and Living Systems as Cultural Determinants
    Matthias Rauterberg, Netherlands
  • Investigation of Art Abstraction Using AI and Psychological Experiment
    Cong Hung Mai, Naoko Tosa, Takashi Kusumi, Ryohei Nakatsu, Japan
  • CFFU Cycle Design Mode of Programmable Creases - an Example of Fibonacci Folding Sequence Pattern
    Chiung-Hui Chen, Meng-Chih Lin, Taiwan*, China
  • Retouching System to Ease Difficulty of Craft Design for Paper-cutting
    Takafumi Higashi, Japan
  • Research on the Influence of Weak-Ties Social Interaction on the Gamification Experience of Science and Technology Museums
    Hongli Jia, LiNong Dai, P.R. China
Wednesday, 29 June 2022
12:00 - 14:00

S172: Experience Design in Arts
Chair: Lin Zhang, P.R. China

  • An Audience Data-driven Alternate Reality Storytelling Design
    Xiaowen Sun, P.R. China; Daniel Gilman Calderón, Argentina; Blair Subbaraman, Jeffrey A. Burke, United States
  • Research and Exploration on Light Environment Interactive Art Promoting Development of Night Economy in China
    Mu Zhang, Xiao Sun, P.R. China
  • Design and Research of Huangmei Opera Lightweight H5 Game Based on Media Convergence
    Yiran Zhang, Shangshi Pan, Rongrong Fu, P.R. China
  • Realistic Art Viewing Experience with Adaptive Shadows from Digital Matte on Smart TV’s Art Mode
    Jeannie Kang, Korea
  • ESTENDERE:A Design Concept to Enhance Audience Experience in Theatre
    Yifan Kang, Bingjian Liu, Xu Sun, P.R. China
  • Electroencephalography and Self-Assessment Evaluation of Engagement with Online Exhibitions: Case Study of Google Arts & Culture
    Jingjing Li, Japan; Chengbo Sun, P.R. China; Vargas Meza Xanat, Yoichi Ochiai, Japan
Thursday, 30 June 2022
10:00 - 12:00

S227: Bridging Real World and Virtual World
Chair: Jong-Il Park, Korea

  • A Study on the Virtual Delivery of Cultural Courtesy: AR Services for Packaging
    Ye Zhou, P.R. China; SungHee Ahn, Korea
  • A Study on User Experience of Non-Linguistic Communication: Focusing on the Interactive Emojis in On-line Meeting Platforms
    SungHee Ahn, Korea
  • Virtual Reality Interaction Toward the Replacement of Real Clinical Nursing Education
    Chanhee Kim, Hyeongil Nam, Ji-Young Yeo, Jong-Il Park, Korea
  • Artwork Reproduction through Display Based on Hyperspectral Imaging
    Kyudong Sim, Jong-Il Park, Korea; Masaki Hayashi, Sweden; Meeko Kuwahara, Japan
12:30 - 14:30

S255: The Narrative Potential of Digitally Visualised Heritage and 3D Archaeology
Chair: Nicole Basaraba, Netherlands

  • Visualizations of Historical Spatial Data as Tools of Exploration and Education
    Monika Barget, Netherlands
  • 3D Digital Heritage and Historical Storytelling: Outcomes from the Interreg EMR Terra Mosana Project
    Muriel Van Ruymbeke, Belgium; Eslam Nofal, Egypt; Roland Billen, Belgium
  • Lucky Hero’s Legacy: An Interactive Game that Explores the Potential of 3D Scenarios to Engage Teenagers in Cultural Heritage
    Louis Michael Sousa Rodrigues, Joao Freitas, Mara Dionisio, Sergi Bermudez i Badia, Portugal
  • Innovative Design of Chinese Traditional Textile Patterns based on Conditional Generative Adversarial Network
    Miao Liu, Binbin Zhou, P.R. China
Friday, 1 July 2022
12:00 - 14:00

S283: Interactive Art and Design
Chairs: Yiyuan Huang, P.R. China; Mohammad Shidujaman, Bangladesh

  • New Media Art and Post-Human Masks
    Hantian Xu, Lin Zhang, Ziruo Xue, P.R. China
  • Literature Bibliometrics Atlas Analysis of Experience Design
    Yu Wang, Xiangyang Xin, Hao Yu, Haolun Cheng, Beiting Jin, P.R. China
  • Creation of Fluid Art under Microgravity Using Free-Fall
    Naoko Tosa, Yunian Pang, Shigetaka Toba, Akihiro Yamada, Takashi Suzuki, Ryohei Nakatsu, Japan
  • Modified SCQA Framework for Interactive Scenario Design
    Yiyuan Huang, Chengbo Ji, P.R. China; Chun Chen, Chile
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