T04: Ethical Working in HCI

Monday, 27 June 2022, 17:00 – 21:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time - Gothenburg, Sweden)
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Janet C Read (short bio)

Professor in Child Computer Interaction, University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom



This tutorial will consider how to design research studies that more carefully take the personal and societal needs of users into account. The tutorial will focus on work with children as they are a vulnerable population but will also reflect on more general HCI work with adults.


Content and Benefits:

The tutorial will begin with a very rapid look at the history of ethical practice especially as it relates to participation in research studies. There will be three cases described that will highlight issues around consent, around selection and around beneficence and these will be used to interactively consider ways that our work can be improved. Solutions will be explored that include checklists, retrospectives and peer commentary and examples of these in use will be discussed. The tutorial will benefit anyone seeking to be more critical about participation of users in research and will be especially beneficial to new researchers


Target Audience:

Researchers, designers, professionals working with real people, and especially vulnerable people, in HCI.

Bio Sketch of Presenter:

Janet C Read is a Professor of Child Computer Interaction (see www.chici.org) and a member of the ACM SigCHi Ethics panel. She has written several articles on the ethical inclusion of children in research and has sat on panels on ethics at several major conferences. In 2020 she delivered a course on ethics to students in Mumbai and in 2021 she delivered a tutorial on ethics at HCII. She is a founding editor of IJCCI and has twice chaired the Interaction Design (IDC) conference. She has more than 200 publications and has examined PhDs in over 12 countries.