Information for Attendees

The HCII2022 virtual conference will be using the award-winning Whova events platform. Conference participation will be available both through a web browser and the Whova mobile app. For the live running of sessions, Zoom will be used embedded into Whova platform. In this way, conference participation will be focused on content, rather than handling different applications.

Once logged in to Whova, you can view all the Sessions of the Conference through the “Sessions” option available in the “Agenda” tab on the left menu. Select the “View Session” option to join a session. You can prepare your personal agenda, by selecting the option “Add to My Agenda” provided in each session card. All the sessions in your personal agenda are enlisted under the “My Agenda” option.

Asking questions

You can ask questions after a paper presentation:

  1. Verbally, by raising a virtual hand which is located at the bottom menu of your Zoom screen. In this case, the session chair will ask you to unmute yourself. All attendees are by default in mute mode and cannot unmute themselves. Once the presenter answers the question, please select the raise hand option again, so that you stop appearing as having your hand raised.
  2. Textually, by writing them in the Whova Chat section.


Tips for attendees

Ensure in advance that:

  • You have a reliable internet connection.
  • You are equipped with an external microphone and speakers/headphones if your device does not have embedded ones.
  • The latest version of Chrome browser is installed on your target device for accessing Whova platform through the web, in order to ensure compatibility and better performance, or the latest version of Whova mobile app.
  • You have signed up to Whova to create an account, with the same name and email address used for your conference registration and a password of your choice.
  • Your target device is compatible with the system requirements of Zoom, as Zoom will be used embedded into the Whova platform, for the live running of sessions.
  • Your equipment is properly functioning, before joining the virtual conference.

You are also strongly advised to use a quiet room for your online connection.


Helpful links


Additional information

If you are having trouble logging into the Whova Platform:

Send an email to the HCII 2022 Registration Administration:

If you are having trouble during the Zoom live stream session:

  • You can contact, through chat, the HCII2022 Student Volunteer that has been assigned to the session, identified by their last name: HCII2022-SV-HOST#number.
  • You can also contact the Organizers through Whova, in the section “Ask Organizers Anything” available under the “Community” menu option.