Workshop: 'Design Thinking and AI'

The times indicated are in "Central European Summer Time - CEST (Gothenburg, Sweden)"

Monday, 27 June

15:00 – 17:00 CEST (Gothenburg, Sweden)
S059: Workshop: 'Design Thinking and AI'

Chairs: Iana Kouris, Martin Boeckle, Angela Corrado, Luky Primadani, Germany

  • Conversations Towards Practiced AI -HCI Heuristics
    Kem-Laurin Lubin, Canada
  • Improving Labeling Through Social Science Insights: Preliminary Results and Research Agenda
    Jacob Beck, Germany; Stephanie Eckman, Robert Chew, United States; Frauke Kreuter, Germany
  • Leveraging Design Thinking towards the Convergence of AI, IoT and Blockchain: Strategic Drivers and Human-Centered Use Cases
    Maximilian Tigges, Chloe IPert, René Mauer, Germany
  • Transferring AI Explainability to User-centered Explanations of Complex COVID-19 Information
    Jasminko Novak, Tina Maljur, Kalina Drenska, Germany
  • Applying the Design Sprint to interactive machine learning experience design: a case study from Aveni
    Chloe Poulter, Zichun Wang, Iria Del Rio Gayo, United Kingdom
  • Triple Diamond AI Design Process - Human-centered Design for Data-driven Innovation
    Johannes Schleith, Daniella Tsar, United Kingdom
  • Design Thinking the Human-AI Experience of Neurotechnology for Knowledge Workers
    Troy Weekes, Thomas Eskridge, United States