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(Last Updated: 30 June, 2022)
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Sunday, 26 June 2022
19:30 - 21:30

S012: Applications of Augmented Cognition
Chairs: Martha E. Crosby, Michael-Brian C. Ogawa, United States

  • Examining the Impact of Chronic Pain on Information Processing Behavior: An Exploratory Eye-tracking Study
    Doaa Alrefaei, Gaayathri Sankar, Javad Norouzi Nia, Soussan Djamasbi, Diane Strong, United States
  • Love as Augmented Cognition: Passionate Gaming in the Era of Virtual Romance
    Suraj Sood, United States
  • Optimizing Visual Cues in Educational Software
    David Stevens, United States
  • Abstracting the Understanding and Application of Cognitive Load in Computational Thinking and Modularized Learning
    Taylor Gabatino, Michael-Brian C. Ogawa, Martha E. Crosby, United States
  • Understanding Humans’ Cognitive Processes During Computational Thinking Through Cognitive Science
    Kiran Datwani, Michael-Brian C. Ogawa, Martha E. Crosby, United States
  • Using Augmented Cognition to Examine Differences in Online Handwriting Recognition for Native and Non-Native Writers
    Mariam Doliashvili, Michael-Brian C. Ogawa, Martha E. Crosby, United States

S013: Technological Approaches for In-person and Remote Human Health and Performance Assessment
Chair: Rodolphe Gentili, United States

  • Towards Human-like Learning Dynamics in a Simulated Humanoid Robot for Improved Human-Machine Teaming
    . Akshay, India; Xulin Chen, P.R. China; Borui He, Garrett E. Katz, United States
  • Improved Psychological Health through a Remote Behavioral Intervention: A Telehealth Pilot Study for Veterans with Chronic Multi-Symptom Illness
    Charity B Breneman, Immanuel Samuel, Arghavan Hamedi, Timothy Chun, Walter Jachimowicz, Kamila U. Pollin, Rebecca McCullers, Lucas Crock, Ryan C. Brewster, Adil Alaoui, Michael Roy, Matthew J. Reinhard, Michelle Costanzo, United States
  • Home-Based Assessment of Sleep Quality and Post Concussive Symptoms in Veterans with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
    Kamila U. Pollin, Immanuel Samuel, Charity B Breneman, Mary M. Valmas, Ryan C. Brewster, Matthew J. Reinhard, Michelle Costanzo, United States
  • Effects of Military Occupational Exposures on Home-Based Assessment of Veterans' Self-Reported Health, Sleep and Cognitive Performance Measures
    Immanuel Samuel, Kamila U. Pollin, Charity B Breneman, Timothy Chun, Mary M. Valmas, Ryan C. Brewster, Michelle Prisco, John Barrett, Matthew J. Reinhard, Michelle Costanzo, United States
  • Assessment of a Novel Virtual Environment for Examining Human Cognitive-Motor Performance during Execution of Action Sequences
    Alexandra Shaver, Neehar Peri, Remy Mezebish, George Matthew, Alyza Berson, Christopher Gaskins, Gregory Davis, Garrett E. Katz, Immanuel Samuel, Matthew J. Reinhard, Michelle Costanzo, James Reggia, James Purtilo, Rodolphe Gentili, United States

S014: Advances in Augmented Cognition - I
Chair: Xiaodong Qu, United States

  • It's Easy as ABC Framework for User Feedback
    Alexandra Fischmann, Sydney Levy, United States
  • High-Powered Ocular Artifact Detection with C-LSTM-E
    Ian McDiarmid-Sterling, Luca Cerbin, United States
  • Single-Subject vs. Cross-Subject Motor Imagery Models
    Joseph Geraghty, George Schoettle, United States
  • ML vs DL: Accuracy and Testing Runtime Trade-offs in BCI
    Anarsaikhan Tuvshinjargal, Elliot Kim, United States
Monday, 27 June 2022
15:00 - 17:00

S045: Advances in Augmented Cognition - IΙ
Chair: Suraj Sood, United States

  • Vector-Based Data Improves Left-Right Eye-Tracking Classifier Performance After a Covariate Distributional Shift
    Brian Xiang, Abdelrahman Abdelmonsef, United States
  • CNN with Self-Attention in EEG Classification
    Xuduo Wang, Ziji Wang, United States
  • Optimizing ML Algorithms under CSP and Riemannian Covariance in MI-BCIs
    Yang Windhorse, United States; Nader Almadbooh, Palestine
17:30 - 19:30

S072: Advances in Augmented Cognition - IΙΙ
Chair: Xiaodong Qu, United States

  • Human Intelligent Machine Teaming in Single Pilot Operation: A Case Study
    Narek Minaskan, Germany; Charles Alban-Dormoy, France; Alain Pagani, Germany; Jean-Marc Andre, France; Didier Stricker, Germany
  • Human-centered Augmentation of xR Training Technologies with a Self-regulatory Cognitive Process
    Christian Ampo, Nicholas A. Moon, Zachary B. Hesson, Valerie Robbins-Roth, Brett Wallace, Richard L. Griffith, United States
  • A Method of Developing Video Stimuli that are Amenable to Neuroimaging Analysis: An EEG Pilot Study
    Michael C. Trumbo, Aaron P. Jones, Bradley M. Robert, Derek Trumbo, Laura E. Matzen, United States
  • EEG4Home: A Human-In-The-Loop Machine Learning Model for EEG-Based BCI
    Xiaodong Qu, Timothy Hickey, United States
  • EEG Daydreaming, a Machine Learning Approach to Detect Daydreaming Activities
    Ruyang Wang, Xiaodong Qu, United States
  • Emotion Recognition from Physiological Signals using Continuous Wavelet Transform and Deep Learning
    Lana Jalal, Angelika Peer, Italy
Tuesday, 28 June 2022
14:30 - 16:30

S128: Augmented Cognition in Cyber Security
Chairs: Ricardo G. Lugo, Norway; Stefan Sütterlin, Germany; Benjamin J. Knox, Torvald F. Ask, Norway

  • Selecting and Training Young Cyber Talent: A Recurrent European Cyber Security Challenge Case Study
    Muhammed Mudassar Yamin, Laszlo Erdodi, Espen Torseth, Basel Katt, Norway
  • Planting a Poison SEAD: Using Social Engineering Active Defense (SEAD) to Counter Cybercriminals
    Matthew Canham, Juliet Tuthill, United States
  • When Choice is (Not) an Option: Nudging and Techno-Regulation Approaches to Behavioural Cybersecurity
    Tommy Van Steen, Netherlands
  • User Interactions in Virtual Data Explorer
    Kaur Kullman, Don Engel, United States
  • Phishing Susceptibility Across Industries
    Thea Mannix, Norway; Gregor Petrič, Slovenia; Anita-Catrin Eriksen, Jacopo Paglia, Kai Roer, Norway
  • The Role of IT Background for Metacognitive Accuracy, Confidence and Overestimation of Deep Fake Recognition Skills
    Stefan Sütterlin, Germany; Ricardo G. Lugo, Torvald F. Ask, Norway; Karl Veng, Jonathan Eck, Jonas Fritschi, Muhammed-Talha Özmen, Basil Bärreiter, Germany; Benjamin J. Knox, Norway
Wednesday, 29 June 2022
14:30 - 16:30

S188: Eye-Tracking, BCI, and Wearables in VR, AR and MR for Training and Education
Chair: Nitesh Bhatia, United Kingdom

  • A comparative study of prototyping methods for HCI design using cognitive load-based measures
    Naveen Kumar, Jyotish Kumar, Jyoti Kumar, India
  • Extravehicular Intelligence Solution for Lunar Exploration and Research: ARSIS 5.0
    Megan Laing, Caleb Cram, Marc Frances, Akiah Tullis, Digno JR Teogalbo, Karen Doty, United States
  • Sustained Attention States Recognition with EEG and Eye-tracking in the GradCPT
    Wei Zhang, Yifan Zhang, P.R. China; Qinyu Zhang, Hong Kong; Jie Xu, P.R. China
  • Compensation Method of Flight Simulator Visual System
    ShiXiong Su, Zhen Wang, Shan Fu, Dan Huang, P.R. China
Friday, 1 July 2022
14:30 - 16:30

S295: Harnessing the Power of Neuroergonomics for Augmented Cognition: Human-System Performance Enhancement
Chair: Kurtulus Izzetoglu, United States

  • An Eye Tracking Analysis of Conversational Violations in Dyadic and Collaborative Interaction
    Bengisu Cagiltay, Turkey; Cengiz Acarturk, Poland
  • Wavelet-Based Analysis of fNIRS Measures Enable Assessment of Workload
    Pratusha Reddy, Kurtulus Izzetoglu, Patricia Shewokis, United States
  • Study of Different Classifiers and Multi-Modal Sensors in Assessment of Workload
    Emma MacNeil, Ashley Bishop, Kurtulus Izzetoglu, United States
  • Transfer Blocks Method on Multi-Degrees Mental Workload Assessment with EEG
    Lipeng Gao, Tao Wang, Xingwei An, Yufeng Ke, Chile
  • Multi-Class Task Classification using Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy
    Danushka Bandara, United States