AIS: Adaptive Instructional Systems - Program

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(Last Updated: 30 June, 2022)
Sun, 26 June | Mon, 27 June | Tue, 28 June | Wed, 29 June | Fri, 1 July
Sunday, 26 June 2022
19:30 - 21:30

S026: Learner Modeling and Simulation
Chairs: Ani Grubišić, Croatia; Bruno Emond, Canada

  • Learner Modeling in Conversation-based Assessment
    Diego Zapata-Rivera, Carol M. Forsyth, United States
  • Development of AIS Using Simulated Learners, Bayesian Networks and Knowledge Elicitation Methods
    Bruno Emond, Jennifer Smith, Canada; Mashrura Musharraf, Finland; Reza Zeinali Torbati, Randy Billard, Joshua Barnes, Brian Veitch, Canada
  • Measurements and Interventions to Improve Student Engagement through Facial Expression Recognition
    Will Lee, Danielle Allessio, William Rebelsky, Sai Satish Gattupalli, Hao Yu, Ivon Arroyo, Margrit Betke, Sarah Bargal, Tom Murray, Frank Sylvia, Beverly P. Woolf, United States
  • Heart Rate Variability for Stress Detection with Autistic Young Adults
    Miroslava Migovich, Deeksha Adiani, Amy Swanson, Nilanjan Sarkar, United States
  • Development and Evaluation of a Learning Analytics Dashboard for Moodle Learning Management System
    Ivan Peraić, Ani Grubišić, Croatia
Monday, 27 June 2022
17:30 - 19:30

S083: Challenges in Adaptive Instructional Systems (AISs)
Chair: Robert A. Sottilare, United States

  • AIS Challenges in Evaluating the Selection of Learner Interventions
    Robert A. Sottilare, United States
  • AIS Adoption Challenges: the role of interactions between humans and artificial intelligence in adoption of adaptive learning
    Baran Osmanoglu, France
  • Challenges in AIS Standards
    Jim Goodell, United States
  • Adaptive Instructional System for Complex Equipment Trainings in the Post-covid Era: Breaking the Ice of Time-Consuming Tasks
    Elena Nazarova, Alexander Butyaev, Mohamed Youssef Bouaouina, Dominic Filion, Jerome Waldispuhl, Canada
  • Challenges in Conversational Tutoring
    Xiangen Hu, United States

S084: Adaptive Instruction Enabled by Game-based or Modeling and Simulation-based Approaches1
Chairs: Elizabeth T. Whitaker, Elizabeth Veinott, United States

  • SatisfAI: A Serious Tabletop Game to Reveal Human-AI Interaction Dynamics
    Moon K. Kim, Ethan Trewhitt, United States
  • Adaptive Learner Assessment to Train Social Media Analysts
    Ethan Trewhitt, Elizabeth T. Whitaker, Thomas Holland, Lauren Glenister, United States
  • Adaptive Instruction: A case study of gamified practice and testing in a large introductory psychology course
    Elizabeth Veinott, United States
  • A Framework for the Design and Development of Adaptive Agent-Based Simulations to Explore Student Thinking and Performance in K-20 Science
    Tyler Kinner, Elizabeth T. Whitaker, United States
Tuesday, 28 June 2022
14:30 - 16:30

S140: Applying the Science of Learning to Adaptive Instructional System Design
Chairs: Cheryl I. Johnson, Benjamin Bell, United States

  • Assessing the Social Agency of Pedagogical Agents in Adaptive Training Systems
    Bradford L. Schroeder, Nicholas Fraulini, Wendi Van Buskirk, Reganne M. Miller, United States
  • Development of the Assessment Toolkit for Leader Adaptability Skills (ATLAS)
    Tarah Daly, Allison Hancock, Jennifer Phillips, Marcus Mainz, Breck Perry, United States
  • Examining Two Adaptive Sequencing Approaches for Flashcard Learning: The Tradeoff between Training Efficiency and Long-term Retention
    Daphne E. Whitmer, Cheryl I. Johnson, Matthew D. Marraffino, United States
  • Adaptively Adding Cards to a Flashcard Deck Improves Learning Compared to Adaptively Dropping Cards Regardless of Cognitive Ability
    Lisa Durrance Blalock, United States
  • Promoting Equity and Achievement in Real-time Learning (PEARL): Towards a Framework for the Formation, Creation, and Validation of Stackable Knowledge Units
    Patrick Guilbaud, Michael J. Hirsch, United States
Wednesday, 29 June 2022
14:30 - 16:30

S198: On the Efficacy and Usability of Adaptive Instructional Systems
Chairs: Thomas Witte, Germany; Rachel Van Campenhout, United States

  • Lessons Learned from Creating, Implementing and Evaluating Assisted E-Learning Incorporating Adaptivity, Recommendations and Learning Analytics
    Daniela Altun, Christopher Krauss, Alexander Streicher, Christoph Müller, Daniel Atorf, Lisa Rerhaye, Dietmar Kunde, Germany
  • The Content Improvement Service: An Adaptive System for Continuous Improvement at Scale
    Bill Jerome, Rachel Van Campenhout, Jeffrey S. Dittel, Richard Benton, Scott Greenberg, Benny G. Johnson, United States
  • Iterative Refinement of an AIS Reward System
    Karen Wang, Zhenjun Ma, Ryan S. Baker, United States; Yuanyuan Li, P.R. China
Friday, 1 July 2022
12:00 - 14:00

S280: Learner State Diagnostics for Adaptive Serious Games
Chairs: Jessica Schwarz, Alexander Streicher, Germany

  • Bayesian Cognitive State Modeling For Adaptive Serious Games
    Alexander Streicher, Michael Aydinbas, Germany
  • Player State and Diagnostics in Adaptive Serious Games - Suggestions for Modelling the Adversarial Contradiction
    Christian Swertz, Austria
  • A Review of Automatic Detection of Learner States in Four Typical Learning Scenarios
    Guanfeng Wang, Chen Gong, Shuxia Wang, P.R. China
  • Learning Support and Evaluation of Weight-shifting Skills for Novice Skiers Using Virtual Reality
    Shigeharu Ono, Hideaki Kanai, Ryosuke Atsumi, Hideki Koike, Kazushi Nishimoto, Japan
  • ILoveEye: Eyeliner Makeup Guidance System with Eye Shape Features
    Hange Wang, Haoran Xie, Kazunori Miyata, Japan