CCD: Cross-Cultural Design - Program

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Mon, 27 June | Tue, 28 June | Wed, 29 June | Thu, 30 June | Fri, 1 July
Monday, 27 June 2022
15:00 - 17:00

S041: Design Futures: Innovative Theories, Tools and Practices
Chairs: Zhiyong Fu, Yangshuo Zheng, P.R. China

  • Research on the Future Trend of Digital Culture Driving the Development of Regional Culture: Taking Liaoning National Pattern Database Design as an Example
    Lu Zhao, Ruhe Zhang, P.R. China
  • Future Convergences: Time Matters
    Anna Barbara, Italy
  • Activities-Centered Participatory Community Design: Shoupa Community Service Station Rooftop Renovation Plan
    Huan Wang, Ruoxi Wang, Lili Fu, Qing Miao, Nan Li, P.R. China
  • A Tourist Participatory Design for Boosting the Nighttime Cultural Tourism
    Shu Fang, Hong Kong; Yangshuo Zheng, P.R. China
  • Empathy and Symbiosis: Design Preferable Future AI Product and Service
    Chiju Chao, Zhiyong Fu, P.R. China

S042: Design and evaluation innovation in AI age
Chair: Paul L. Fu, United States

  • DesignEva: A Design-Supported Tool with Multi-Faceted Perceptual Evaluation
    Yun Lou, Weiyue Gao, Pei Chen, Xuanhui Liu, Changyuan Yang, Lingyun Sun, P.R. China
  • SAFA: A System for Assisting Fair Assessments in Team Collaboration
    Yun Lou, Kewei Guo, Xuanhui Liu, Pei Chen, Changyuan Yang, Lingyun Sun, P.R. China
  • Confidence Value Calculation for Cultural-Based Misunderstanding Warning in Multilingual Chat
    Mondheera Pituxcoosuvarn, Yohei Murakami, Japan
  • A Novel Transformer-based Model for Dialog State Tracking
    Yu Miao, Kuilong Liu, Wenbo Yang, Changyuan Yang, P.R. China
Tuesday, 28 June 2022
12:00 - 14:00

S101: CISD - Cultural Industries and Sustainable Development - I
Chairs: I-Ying Chiang, Rungtai Lin, Taiwan*, China

  • The Effect of Involvement and Place Attachment on Travel motivation and Behavioral Intentions for Festival Activity
    Hui-Yun Yen, Taiwan*, China; Xin Yue Hu, P.R. China
  • Cultural and Creative Products with Macao Road Signs as Elements
    Yu-Meng Xiao, Jin-Shan Shen, P.R. China; Rungtai Lin, Taiwan*, China
  • A Framework for Corporate Museums to Build Customer-Based Brand Equity
    Shu Hua Chang, Taiwan*, China
  • A Study of the Impact of the Incubation Mechanism in the Cultural and Creative Industry
    Yu-Hui Huang, Taiwan*, China
  • Selecting Criteria of Design of the Year Award
    Chun-Yuan Chen, Po-Hsien Lin, Rungtai Lin, Taiwan*, China
  • A Pilot Study on Sustainable Development of Design in the Context of “Creativity Obsolescence” and “Timeless Classic”
    Yikang Sun, P.R. China; I-Ying Chiang, Po-Hsien Lin, Rungtai Lin, Taiwan*, China

S102: Active Design for Sustainability - Ι
Chair: Yongqi Lou, P.R. China

  • Design Empowerment: Participatory Design towards Social Sustainability
    Man Zhang, P.R. China
  • Rethinking Demand: An Active Design Framework and Tools for Sustainability from ‘Demand-side’ Perspective
    Yuhui Jin, P.R. China
  • Exploring the Role of Design in China’s Rural Revitalization Project —— The Nice2035 Future Countryside Living Prototyping
    Jing Wang, Yongqi Lou, P.R. China
  • Social Impact in Design Education
    Minqing Ni, P.R. China; Tiziano Cattaneo, Italy
  • How Designers Can Act Inside the Design Objects - A Preliminary Study on How Community Building Constituted Social Innovation as a Design Approach
    Danwen Ji, Tinglei Cao, P.R. China; Hangping Yang, Germany

S103: Design Futures: Futures Philosophy - I
Chairs: Zhiyong Fu, Li Zhang, P.R. China

  • Research on the Relationships between Humans and Printed Photos in the Digital Era
    Lintao Tang, Qiuhua Li, P.R. China
  • Anti-Space as a New Approach to Museum Design——A Case Study of the Influence of Social Sculpture on the General Art Field
    Haoli Huang, P.R. China
  • Future Experience Boundary and Interaction Design Integration Path
    Mengke Lu, Yangshuo Zheng, P.R. China
  • From "Extension" to "Amputation": Technological Constructions and Digital Anxiety of Bodies in Cyberspace--A Critical Perspective based on Design Philosophy
    Hua Mi, P.R. China
  • “Trauma” and Delicate Balance: the Analysis of Salvoj Žižek’s Ontology and New Ecological Philosophy
    Chao Pan, P.R. China
14:30 - 16:30

S124: CISD - Cultural Industries and Sustainable Development - II
Chairs: Po-Hsien Lin, Rungtai Lin, Taiwan*, China

  • A Study of 3D Stereoscopic Image Production of "Triadic Ballet" of the Theater of the Bauhaus
    Yi Wen Ting, Po-Hsien Lin, Rungtai Lin, Taiwan*, China; Ming-Hong Shi, P.R. China
  • Empathy Design: Poster Design for Animal Protection
    Yifan Ding, Jun Chen, P.R. China
  • From Nature to Reality: The Approach of Transforming Chinese Characters into Product
    Jing Cao, P.R. China; Po-Hsien Lin, Rungtai Lin, Taiwan*, China
  • A Pilot Study on the Correlation between Product Color and Olfactory Experience
    Jun Chen, Yifan Ding, P.R. China; Rungtai Lin, Taiwan*, China
  • A Pilot Study of LED Lighting Fixtures Suitable for Computer Monitor Working Spaces
    Jen-Feng Chen, Po-Hsien Lin, Rungtai Lin, Taiwan*, China
  • Haptic Semantics in Qualia Product
    I-Ying Chiang, Taiwan*, China; Yikang Sun, P.R. China; Po-Hsien Lin, Rungtai Lin, HSI-YEN LIN, Taiwan*, China

S125: Active Design for Sustainability - ΙΙ
Chair: Yongqi Lou, P.R. China

  • Strategy and Practice for the Design-Driven Local Rural Revitalization
    Lyu Ji, P.R. China
  • The Zhou Li Paradigm of Active Design
    Na Tian, P.R. China
  • Material-Oriented Active Making: A Promising Approach for Sustainable Transitions
    Ye Yang, Hongtao Zhou, P.R. China
  • The International Shanghai Joint Design Studio: A Hybrid and Adaptive Platform to Enhance Cultural Encounter
    Tiziano Cattaneo, Italy; Emanuele Giorgi, Mexico; Eugenio Mangi, P.R. China

S126: Design Futures: Futures Philosophy - II
Chairs: Zhiyong Fu, Li Zhang, P.R. China

  • The Spectacle Tendency of Contemporary Art-- Reflections on Information Art
    Tianming Liu, P.R. China
  • Cultural Gene: the New Enlightenment from the Display Design of University History Museum
    Mengyao Wang, P.R. China
  • Interactive Relationships in the Future of Virtual Reality
    Xun Xia, P.R. China; Younghwan Pan, Korea
  • On the Possibility of Object-Oriented Speculative Design: A Genderless AI Speaker Based on Anti-Correlation Thinking
    Jiao Zheng, Li Zhang, P.R. China
Wednesday, 29 June 2022
12:00 - 14:00

S155: Kansei Issues in Cross-Cultural Design - Ι
Chairs: Kuohsiang Chen, P.R. China; Szu-Chi Chen, Australia

  • The Application of Geometric Abstraction of Chinese Traditional Cultural Symbols in the Design of Daily Utensils——Taking Fengyang Phoenix Painting as an Example
    Huifang LI, P.R. China
  • Research on User's Value Cognition Evaluation of Huizhou Handmade Ceramics Skills
    Yanlong Guo, P.R. China
  • Research on Innovative Ways of Contemporary Display Porcelain under the Background of Longyao Culture in Jing County
    Nana Li, P.R. China
  • Marketing Cultural Jewelry Products: A Case Study on Egyptian Cultural Product Designs
    Eman Ramadan, Yu Wu, P.R. China
  • Digital Museum Visualization Digital System Based on Big Data Technology
    ZiQiong Yang, Rui Xu, JinMeng Zhang, P.R. China
  • Fluency and Aesthetic Models Revisited in the Context of Museum Management Design
    Hanlin Mi, Rui Xu, P.R. China

S156: Creating Societal Impacts with Innovative Technology
Chair: Pei-Lee Teh, Malaysia

  • Going Cashless? How has COVID-19 Affected the Intention to Use E-wallets?
    Han Wei Wong, Andrei O.J. Kwok, Malaysia
  • Utilization of XR Technology in Distance Collaborative Learning: A Systematic Review
    Jiadong Chen, P.R. China; Shin'ichi Konomi, Japan
  • Assessing the Needs of Mobility Solution for Older Adults through Living Lab Approach: An Experience Report
    Borui Fang, Chun Yong Chong, Pei-Lee Teh, Shaun Wen Huey Lee, Malaysia
  • Annotation References for Facilitation Analysis in Intercultural Collaboration
    Mizuki Motozawa, Yohei Murakami, Mondheera Pituxcoosuvarn, Japan

S157: Design Futures: Futures Design Education - Ι
Chairs: Zhiyong Fu, Jiajia Chen, P.R. China

  • A study on Research and Teaching Platform System of Doctoral Education in Design Program
    Fan Chen, Jingyi Yang, Lin Li, P.R. China
  • Innovative Pedagogical Framework Based on Digital Collaborative Tools: A Design Education Practice of CADP Course for Freshmen in Design
    Tiantian Li, Ningyi Dai, Xuguang Zhu, P.R. China
  • Explore Alternative Future: A Case Study of Cultivating Designers’ Future Literacy via Hybrid Collaboration
    Chenfan Zhang, Italy; Zhiyong Fu, P.R. China
  • Design Education in Post-Pandemic Age: Examining the Roles Digital Platforms Play in Collaborative Design Activities
    Yuhan Zhang, United Kingdom
  • SwaPS: A Method for Efficiently Relearning Chinese Characters Just by Reading Documents Including Incorrectly Shaped Characters
    Jianning Wei, Kazushi Nishimoto, Kentaro Takashima, Japan

S158: CISD - Cultural Industries and Sustainable Development - III
Chairs: I-Ying Chiang, Rungtai Lin, Taiwan*, China

  • “Do Not Touch” and “Maintaining Social Distance”: A Study of the Model of Exhibition Viewing Under the Influence of COVID-19 Pandemic
    Rungtai Lin, Taiwan*, China; John G. Kreifeldt, United States; Yikang Sun, P.R. China
  • A Study of Relationship between Dharma Drum Mountain website Design and Zen
    Tze-Fei Huang, Chun-Liang Chen, Taiwan*, China
  • Research on the Development of High-tech Imported Jewelry Composite Media Creation
    Yen-Ju Chen, Rungtai Lin, Chih-Long Lin, Taiwan*, China
  • Development and Validation of a Model for Estimation of the Effects of Ritual Design on Audiences’ Satisfaction with Fashion Show
    Yu-Ju Lin, Jun-Liang Chen, I-Hsiu Huang, Mo-Li Yeh, Taiwan*, China
  • The Study of City Color Imagery, Affective Appraisal and Place Attachment
    Jun-Liang Chen, Yu-Ju Lin, I-Hsiu Huang, Mo-Li Yeh, Taiwan*, China
  • Relationship between Taiwanese Audience Preference and Cultural Values in Korean Dramas
    Shih-Hui Hsueh, Rungtai Lin, Sandy Lee, Taiwan*, China
14:30 - 16:30

S182: Interacting with Intelligent Systems
Chair: Pei-Luen Patrick Rau, P.R. China

  • Cultural Differences between Iranian and Chinese in Visual Search Repetition Effect
    Pei-Luen Patrick Rau, P.R. China; Hengameh Akbarian, Iran; Jian Zheng, United States
  • An Innovative Guidance for Outdoor Fitness Equipment Design
    Fucong Xu, Xinyue Guo, Jiayu Pan, Langyue Deng, Taiwan*, China; Yu-Chi Lee, P.R. China
  • Servants, Friends, or Parents? The impact of different social roles in the Social Web of Things on user experience
    Jiayu YIN, Qinyan DAI, Xingyu WANG, Sinan XIE, Xinyue Kang, Pei-Luen Patrick Rau, P.R. China
  • Improving Smartphone Reading Experience for Middle-Aged and Elderly Users: The Effect of Font Size, Line Spacing and Stroke Weight
    Yongsheng Lu, Hui Li, Nan Chen, Yujie Shi, P.R. China
  • Effects of Field Dependency and Map Type on Wayfinding Strategies
    Chieh Cheng, Pei-Luen Patrick Rau, P.R. China; Zhi Guo, United States

S183: Cross-cultural management
Chair: Zhe Chen, P.R. China

  • How Does It Feel? Odor-Evoked Emotion among Chinese People
    Zhe Chen, Pei-Luen Patrick Rau, Julia Kamenezkaja, Nan Qie, Runting Zhong, P.R. China
  • Recognition of Weird Tone in Chinese Communication and Improvement of Language Understanding for AI
    Ran Zhao, Zhe Chen, P.R. China
  • Study on Drivers’ Situation Awareness in a Glance During Automated Driving
    Hua Qin, Ning Chen, Yue Wang, P.R. China
  • Effects of Microblog Comments on Chinese User's Sentiment with COVID-19 Epidemic Topics
    Hao He, Ziqi Guo, Jiajie Zhan, Pingfan Fan, Yihe Xia, Meng Wang, Qinwei Liu, Zhe Chen, P.R. China
  • The Effect of Human-Robot Extroversion Matching on Individual Work Performance
    Yang Liu, Zainur Akbar, Na Chen, P.R. China
  • Characteristics of the Power Load Profile and Renewable Energy Generation Variation in China
    Yongbin Ding, Mingquan Li, Guozhu Jia, P.R. China
  • Workload Evaluation Model of Nuclear Power Plant Operator in Integrated System Validation
    Xuegang Zhang, Yu Gan, Ming Jia, Yijing Zhang, P.R. China

S184: CISD - Cultural Industries and Sustainable Development - IV
Chairs: Wen-Ko Chiou, Rungtai Lin, Taiwan*, China

  • Reliability and Validity Assessment of the Chinese Version of Flow Ergonomics
    Wen-Ko Chiou, Taiwan*, China; Chao Liu, Hao Chen, P.R. China; Szu-Erh Hsu, Taiwan*, China
  • Effects of Animation-Guided Mindfulness Meditation on Flight Attendants' Flow Ergonomics
    Chao Liu, P.R. China; Wen-Ko Chiou, Taiwan*, China; Hao Chen, P.R. China; Szu-Erh Hsu, Taiwan*, China
  • Exploring the Derivation of Artistic Intervention in the Community from the Perspective of Elderly Creativity
    Fu-Chi Shih, Shu-Hsuan Chang, Taiwan*, China
  • Participatory Curation and the Construction of Its Application Models in Exhibitions of Traditional Furniture Industry: A Case Study of Daxi, Taoyuan, Taiwan
    Tien-Li Chen, Yung-Cheng Chen, Taiwan*, China
  • A Study on the Innovation of Traditional Lacquer Art: The Creation of Paper-based Lacquer Paintings as an Example
    Jin-Shan Shen, Yu-Meng Xiao, P.R. China; Rungtai Lin, Taiwan*, China
  • Research on Differences in the Emotional Cognition of Chinese Audience in War-themed Films
    Lijuan Guo, Jun Wu, P.R. China

S185: Kansei Issues in Cross-Cultural Design - ΙΙ
Chairs: Kuohsiang Chen, P.R. China; Szu-Chi Chen, Australia

  • An Analytical Study of Cross-Cultural Design Factors Affecting Virtual Reality Teaching Experience
    Weilong Wu, Wu Wei, P.R. China; Yen Hsu, Taiwan*, China; Xin Cao, P.R. China
  • The Effect of Virtual Reality Technology in Cross-cultural Teaching and Training of Drones
    Zhanpeng Zhao, Weilong Wu, P.R. China
  • Status and Trend: The Application of Educational VR Games in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
    Zhen Luo, Zhifeng Jin, Linjian Li, Zhejun Liu, P.R. China
  • A Study of Cross-cultural Communication in the NPD: Applying Piaget's Theory to Multidisciplinary Communication in the Three Validation Stages
    Der-Wai Wang, Yen Hsu, Taiwan*, China
  • Design Education for Students with Disabilities: A Technical Graffiti Course in a High School
    Fu-Hsuan Su, Yen Hsu, Taiwan*, China
  • The Influence of Strategic Agility on Product Design Organizations' Operations and Cultures
    Yen Hsu, Jin-Chun Lai, Taiwan*, China

S186: Design Futures: Futures Design Education - II
Chairs: Zhiyong Fu, Jiajia Chen, P.R. China

  • Image Behavior: Re-examining Design Games from the Perspective of Design Anthropology
    Yan Wang, P.R. China
  • Application of Digital Technology in Future Sculpture Teaching
    Guang Zhu, P.R. China
  • How Discursive Design Therapy Is Possible: Theory and Strategy
    Yujia Liu, Li Zhang, P.R. China
  • Research on the Design of Children's Sensory Integration Training Product Based on Dalcroze Method
    Xinyi Yuan, Zhitao Li, Yinglu Zhang, Yun Liu, P.R. China
  • Research on the Gamification Design of Family Early Intervention Products for Children with Autism Based on the Peak-End Rule
    Ximeng Lu, Jinjie Li, Kesi Zhu, Yun Liu, P.R. China
  • Culture-centered ICT Guidelines for Southeast Asian secondary schools
    V. Sithira Vadivel, Insu Song, Abhishek Bhati, Singapore
Thursday, 30 June 2022
10:00 - 12:00

S209: Transportation and Emergency Design in Different Cultures - I
Chair: Hao Tan, P.R. China

  • Research on Man-Machine Interface Design based on Intelligent Vehicle
    Zijiang Yang, Jie Zeng, Xicheng Huang, Yang Lu, P.R. China
  • Research on Applicability of Automobile Instruments Character Size
    Zijiang YANG, Peng Liu, LI LIANG, Cuiyan Ji, Ruitang LIAO, Tao WANG, P.R. China
  • Recognition Research and Innovative Design of Icons in In-Vehicle Infotainment System
    Sizhuo Tang, P.R. China
  • Association of Knowledge with COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Under Emergency: A Nationally Study in China
    Chunpeng Zhu, Jiayan Liu, P.R. China; Yanfeng Liu, United Kingdom; Hao Tan, P.R. China
  • Factors Affecting Users’ Loyalty to Earthquake Early Warning Technology - An Example of Earthquake Early Warning App
    Lili Liu, Aile Wang, Yimin Chen, Dongdong Guo, Hao Tan, P.R. China

S210: Visual Storytelling with Cultural and Creative Technologies
Chair: Cheng-Hung Lo, P.R. China

  • The Development of Virtual Production in Film Industry in the Past Decade
    Haofeng Li, Cheng-Hung Lo, P.R. China; Arturo Smith, Venezuela; Zhiyuan Yu, P.R. China
  • How do Narrative Features Affect a Player’s Immersion in Computer Games? The Analytical Hierarchy Process Approach
    Zixuan Guo, Cheng-Hung Lo, P.R. China
  • A Semiotic Framework for the Analysis of Virtual Architecture in Digital Games
    Gabriele Aroni, P.R. China
  • Non-Linear Video Documentary Installation Frameworks, and Poetic Linkage in Silk Road Stories: Life and Displacement on the Automated Highway
    Richard Conrnelisse, P.R. China
  • Cosmonarrative and the Narrative Cosmos Visual Narrative in Material-based Image
    Zhonghao Chen, P.R. China
  • Sound-Guided Framing in Cinematic Virtual Reality – An Eye-Tracking Study
    Wenbai Xue, Cheng-Hung Lo, P.R. China
  • Welcome to Heshan: An Installation to Create Immersive and Entertaining Experiences with Local Art Through Interactive Media Technologies
    Le Zhou, Fuqi Xie, P.R. China

S211: Design Futures: Futures Creation - I
Chairs: Zhiyong Fu, Jia Xin Xiao, P.R. China

  • From the Perspective of Social Design: Research on the Construction of Mass Epidemic Prevention Media System for Elderly Groups
    Suihong Lan, Jiaxiang Li, Chao Zhao, P.R. China
  • Media Intelligent Content Production in the AI Horizon
    Hanfu He, Fang You, Yu Wang, P.R. China
  • Visual Perception in the On-site Environment Under the Overlap of Civilizations
    Zhongmu Liu, P.R. China
  • Digital Thinking: A Methodology to Explore the Design of Body Artifacts
    Zhilu Cheng, Jie Hao, P.R. China
  • On the transformation of audience designer relationship from the perspective of speculative design
    Jindou Yao, P.R. China
  • Technical Aesthetics Strategy of Information Visualization
    Lu Zhao, Haimin Sun, P.R. China
  • Research on Ecological Design Strategies of Smart City Refined Governance--Taking Xunsi River as an Example
    Yiming Ma, Mengke Lu, Yangshuo Zheng, P.R. China

S212: Cultural and Cross-Cultural UX Aspects
Chair: Wei Lin, Taiwan*, China

  • On Improving the Acceptance of Intelligent Companion Robots Among Chinese Empty-Nesters with the Application of Emotion-al Design
    Kuo-Liang Huang, Jinchen Jiang, P.R. China; Yune-Yu Cheng, Taiwan*, China
  • Effect of street canyon in urban soundscape by the discussion of computer simulation
    Hui-zhong Zhang, Wei Lin, Taiwan*, China
  • A Study of Traditional Culture-based Animation Symbols in the Context of Intercultural Communication
    Sheng Ye, P.R. China
  • Evaluation Dataset for Cultural Difference Detection Task
    Ikkyu Nishimura, Yohei Murakami, Mondheera Pituxcoosuvarn, Japan
  • Where is Your Product Hiding Inside Navigation? The Study of Differences E-commence Website Navigation and Product Category Layer Between U.S., France, Japan, and Taiwan
    Ya-Chun Yang, Tseng-Ping Chiu, Taiwan*, China
  • UX in the Arab world - Research Trends and Challenges for a Better Understanding and Collaboration
    Ons Al-Shamaileh, Ahmed Seffah, United Arab Emirates

S213: CISD - Cultural Industries and Sustainable Development - V
Chairs: Yikang Sun, P.R. China; Rungtai Lin, Taiwan*, China

  • Research and re practice of oyster shell architectural culture
    Jie Tang, Xing Ji, P.R. China
  • Research on development trend of ceramic product design in digital Media Era
    Xiao Song, P.R. China
  • Research on innovation and Development of Chinese Traditional Textile Technology Duntou Blue Based on Design
    Jun Zhang, P.R. China
  • Traditional Holiday Product Packaging Design Based on Green Concept
    Li Ouyang, NaBin Chen, XianSi Zeng, YongLin Zhu, P.R. China
  • Research on training model of design talents based on Well-being Cultural Industry
    Xing Ji, Jie Tang, Jing Wang, P.R. China
  • Promote the Sustainable Development of Design Education Management in Private Universities by Evaluating work
    Liuying Huang, Xia Cai, P.R. China
  • Research on cultural tourism product design in Bay Area Based on Lingnan traditional culture
    Bingxuan Shi, P.R. China

S214: Kansei Issues in Cross-Cultural Design - ΙII
Chairs: Kuohsiang Chen, P.R. China; Szu-Chi Chen, Australia

  • Realizing The Potential Effect of Interactable Concept Network for Idea Generation
    Yi-Jing Lin, Yen Hsu, Taiwan*, China
  • The Knowledge Payment Turn in Human-Computer Interaction: A Study From the Para-Social Interaction Perspective
    Wu Wei, Weilong Wu, P.R. China
  • The Integrated Study of Cross-Cultural Differences in Visual Merchandising Design and Consumer’s Visual Perception on E-Commerce Platform
    Tseng-Ping Chiu, Taiwan*, China
  • Personal Information Protection Behaviors of Consumers in Different Country Context and User Interface Designs
    Tianlan Wei, Cong Cao, P.R. China; Yangyan Shi, Australia
  • Research on the Similarity Design of Rail Vehicles based on the Perspective of Regional Culture
    Honglei Lu, P.R. China
  • Analysis of Image Perception and Influencing Factors based on Online Reviews: Take Kaiping Watchtowers and Villages of China as an Example
    Xi Xu, Hai Lin, P.R. China
12:30 - 14:30

S235: Living with IoT Technologies
Chair: Runting Zhong, P.R. China

  • Evaluating the Attractiveness Factors of Internet Celebrity Products Using Survey Data
    Xiaolin Tan, Saihong Han, Runting Zhong, P.R. China
  • Multitasking with Intelligent Assistant: Effects of Task Relevance and Interruption Mode
    Na Liu, Quanlin Pu, P.R. China
  • Effects of Exergames Intervention on Older Adults: A Review
    Yunlong Xu, Runting Zhong, P.R. China
  • Image Preference of Intelligent Voice Assistant for the Elderly Based on PAD Emotion Model
    Lei Wu, Min Chen, P.R. China
  • A Study of Bilingual Oscillatory Display: Effect of Interference Language and Comparison with Language Switching Display
    Kimi Ueda, Takumi Uotani, Hirotake Ishii, Hiroshi Shimoda, Japan

S236: Kansei Issues in Cross-Cultural Design - ΙV
Chairs: Kuohsiang Chen, P.R. China; Szu-Chi Chen, Australia

  • Cross-Cultural Design: A Discussion of Industrial Product Packaging based on the Product Service System and Technological Evolution Principles
    Xin Cao, P.R. China; Yen Hsu, Taiwan*, China; Weilong Wu, P.R. China
  • Post-COVID-19 Era Fashion Culture Perception Impacting on Beauty Consumption Behavior Change
    Yang-Wen Chang, Yen Hsu, Taiwan*, China
  • Case Study on the UI Design of Health Management Apps for Patients with Hypertension Based on User Needs
    Liyan Cao, Korea
  • Usability Evaluation Towards a Cultural Perspective: Design Guidelines for Peruvian Government Websites
    Yoluana Gamboa, Juan Jesus Arenas, Freddy Paz, Peru
  • Research and Design of Future-oriented Smart Gas Station Service
    Meiyu Lv, Xinyu Zhang, P.R. China

S237: Transportation and Emergency Design in Different Cultures - II
Chair: Hao Tan, P.R. China

  • Comfort or Promise?Investigating the Effect of Trust Repair Strategies of Intelligent Vehicle System on Trust and Intention to use from a Perspective of Social Cognition
    Yushun Feng, Hao Tan, P.R. China
  • Effects of Multi-Sensory Channel Materials and Emotional Situations in Emotion Induction for Affective Driving Studies
    Zeling Deng, Ruiying Lyu, Xin Yang, Xue Zhao, Hao Tan, P.R. China
  • Research on the Trend of Automotive User Experience
    Aiqi Liu, Hao Tan, P.R. China
  • The Effects of Subjective Knowledge on the Acceptance of Fully Autonomous Vehicles Depend on Individual Levels of Trust
    Xue Zhao, Jialuo Yang, Hao Tan, P.R. China
  • The Potential of Rural Resources in Meeting Local Needs through Participatory Design Interventions
    Bingbing Jiang, Kunwu Xu, P.R. China

S238: Design Futures: Futures Creation - II
Chairs: Zhiyong Fu, Jia Xin Xiao, P.R. China

  • The Interactive Design and User Experience of Virtual Museums: Case Study of The Virtual Palace Museum
    Wenhua Li, Xiaoli Huang, P.R. China
  • Smart-Color: Color-interactive device design based on programmable physical color-changing materials and motion capture technique
    Chao Yuan, Liu Yang, Xiao Zhang, Song Qiu, P.R. China
  • Research and Exploration of Future Intelligent Color-Changing Packaging Design for Fruits and Vegetables
    Jiahong Jiang, P.R. China
  • An Investigation into the Weavability of Plants and Their Application in Fashion and Textile Design
    Jichi Wu, Ying Zhou, P.R. China
  • Smart Home Service Experience Strategic Foresight using the Social Network Analysis and Future Triangle
    Yu Cheng, P.R. China; Sanghun Sul, Korea
  • On the Possibilities of Light Environment Art in Digital Scenes: From the Perspective of Metaverse Research
    Zihan Cui, Kaizhong Cao, Hantian Xu, P.R. China
  • Sound Design of Forward Collision Warning Scene in Automotive Intelligent Cockpit
    Yu Wang, Jie Wu, Hanfu He, P.R. China
Friday, 1 July 2022
12:00 - 14:00

S263: User Behavior Research
Chair: Hsiu-Ping Yueh, Taiwan*, China

  • Differences in Color Representations of Tastes: Cross-Cultural Study among Japanese, Russian and Taiwanese
    Alexander Raevskiy, Ivan Bubnov, Russia; Yi-Chuan Chen, Taiwan*, China; Nobuyuki Sakai, Japan
  • Preference Diversity and Information Activities: A Study on Korean-Drama Fans’ Information Behavior
    Tien-I Tsai, Juo-Hsuan Hung, Kai-Lin Hsiao, Chu-Han Hsu, Taiwan*, China
  • Let the Camera Eat First? Engaging the Older Adults’ Reflection and Sharing about Food Photograph to Enhance Wellbeing
    Hsiu-Ping Yueh, Long-Jing Hsu, Weijane Lin, Taiwan*, China
  • Facial Expression Change Recognition on Neutral-Negative Axis based on Siamese-Structure Deep Neural Network
    Junyao Zhang, P.R. China; Kei Shimonishi, Kazuaki Kondo, Yuichi Nakamura, Japan
  • Cross-modal Representation Learning for understanding Manufacturing Procedure
    Atsushi Hashimoto, Taichi Nishimura, Yoshitaka Ushiku, Hirotaka Kameko, Shinsuke Mori, Japan
  • In Social Media we Distrust: Investigating Users’ Hostile Media Perception of Facebook News Content
    Helga Csarnó, Yi-Hsing Han, Shih-Hsien Hsu, Taiwan*, China
  • Learning-Based Visual Acuity Test System with Pepper Robot for User Behavior Research
    Shih-Huan Tseng, Pei-Yuan Sun, Taiwan*, China

S264: Cross-Cultural Design: Product Design and Life Style Across Cultures
Chair: Yu-Chi Lee, P.R. China

  • Smart Product-Service System Design Based on Human Mobility with the Medium Autonomous Vehicles
    Bei Ran, Jingyan Qin, P.R. China
  • Attention Distribution and Decision-Making in the Process of Robot's Appearance Design and Selection
    Nicholas Khoo, Singapore; Fan Li, Hong Kong; Chun-Hsien Chen, Yisi Liu, Singapore; Fitri Trapsilawati, Indonesia; Olga Sourina, Singapore
  • Lyricism and Implicit Emotional Expression of Chinese Popular Music during 2001-2017
    Pin-Hsuan Chen, Pei-Luen Patrick Rau, P.R. China
  • A Deep Learning-Based Approach to Facilitate Cross-Cultural Kansei Design
    Xiaofei Zhou, Pei-Luen Patrick Rau, P.R. China; Michiko Ohkura, Tipporn Laohakangvalvit, Japan; Bingcheng Wang, P.R. China
  • Design of Virtual Reality Scenes on Horticultural Therapy Treatment
    Jielin Xu, Dan Liao, Xiaojun Peng, Guodong Liang, Yafei Li, Xiangqing Zheng, P.R. China
  • Reconstruction Strategy of Traditional Village Architecture Based on System Theory
    Li Zheng, Xiaolan Huang, P.R. China

S265: Design Futures: Futures Society
Chairs: Zhiyong Fu, Fang Zhong, P.R. China

  • The Multiple Effects of Digital Archaeology in the Future Space
    Jiawei Li, P.R. China; Mingdong Song, United Kingdom; Yanwei Li, Yinghui Shang, P.R. China
  • The Dilemma of Authenticity: Spatial Redesign and Reconstruction of Tianjin Old City Hall in Multi-Cultural Contexts
    Yongkang Guan, P.R. China
  • Displacement of Relationship and Boundary: Thoughts on Design Research for Future Society
    Renfei Bai, P.R. China
  • Elderly Life Inquiry Toolkit: Empathy Expanding in Elder-Friendly Technology Design
    Yi Liu, Fang Zhong, P.R. China
14:30 - 16:30

S291: Living in a future community
Chair: Ziyang Li, P.R. China

  • Online Communication for Team Creativity in Tech Companies: Barriers and Tool Design
    Yue Chen, Man Wu, Qin Gao, P.R. China
  • Investigation on the Spatio-Temporal Mobility and Smartphone Usage of College Students
    Xiaojun Lai, Jingyu Zhao, LiLi Dong, Bin Li, Pei-Luen Patrick Rau, P.R. China
  • Effects of Age, Motivation, and Hindrance Factors on Douyin Usage
    Dian Yu, P.R. China; Chuwen Wang, Australia; Ramirez P. Widagdo, Indonesia; Xiaojun Lai, Pei-Luen Patrick Rau, P.R. China
  • Industrial Internet Enterprises’ Talent Acquisition in China
    Fei Guo, Ziyang Li, Ang Zhang, P.R. China
  • Smart City Constructions in China; Digital Reform in Zhejiang Province: The Case of Wuzhen
    Ziyang Li, Hui Yu, Xuefeng Zhang, P.R. China
* Consistent with the 'one-China policy' of the United Nations Organization and the United States (maintaining unofficial relations with Taiwan after 1979).