DAPI: Distributed, Ambient and Pervasive Interactions - Program

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(Last Updated: 30 June, 2022)
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Sunday, 26 June 2022
19:30 - 21:30

S018: Urban Life and Smart Cities, Learning Cities, and Future Cities
Chair: H. Patricia McKenna, Canada

  • Exploring the Usefulness and Usability of Ambient Theory for Smart Cities
    H. Patricia McKenna, Canada
  • Ways of Experiencing Technology in a Smart Learning Environment
    Pen Lister, Malta
  • A Broad Platform for Smart City Projects Idea Contribution and Interaction
    Julia C. Lee, Lawrence J. Henschen, United States
  • The Context-Aware Reasoning Health Emergency (CARE) Notification System
    Mario Quinde, Miguel Mendoza, Antonio Criollo, Gerardo Castillo, Peru
Monday, 27 June 2022
15:00 - 17:00

S049: UX and Interaction Design in Intelligent Environments
Chair: Michael Gilbert, United States

  • ForeSight – User-Centered and Personalized Privacy and Security Approach for Smart Living
    Jochen Bauer, Reiner Wichert, Christoph Konrad, Michael Hechtel, Simon Dengler, Simon Uhrmann, Germany; Mouzhi Ge, P.R. China; Peter Poller, Denise Kahl, Bruno Ristok, Jörg Franke, Germany
  • Digital Wellbeing and “Meaningless” Interactions with Mobile Devices
    Michael Gilbert, Mark Zachry, United States
  • Extended Reality for Smart Built Environments Design: Smart Lighting Design Testbed
    Elham Mohammadrezaei, Denis Gracanin, United States
  • PERACTIV: Personalised Activity Monitoring - Ask my Hands
    Vishnu Kakaraparthi, Troy McDaniel, Hemanth Venkateswara, Morris Goldberg, United States
Tuesday, 28 June 2022
12:00 - 14:00

S111: Environment, intelligent interactive design, new media art, carbon neutral construction of urban landscape area - I
Chair: Yanlin Liu, P.R. China

  • Interactive Design of Assistant Education Software Application for Autistic Children
    Jinliang Tian, P.R. China
  • Study on 3D Print Style in Iris Van Herpen Fashion Show Based on Gestalt Theory
    Ruitong Gao, P.R. China; SookJin Kim, Korea
  • Immersive Entertainment Environments - From Theme Parks to Metaverse
    Xueying Niu, Wei Feng, P.R. China
  • Digitizing Intangible Cultural Heritage in China: A Pedagogical Model for Innovation and Entrepreneurship among New Media Art Students
    YunQiao Su, P.R. China; Sze Seau Jill Lee, Malaysia; BeiLe Su, LiLi Zhang, P.R. China
  • Research on financial restatement of listed companies in China——based on internal control and risk management database (DIB)
    Xiaoyan Niu, P.R. China; Yuping Jia, Germany
14:30 - 16:30

S133: Environment, intelligent interactive design, new media art, carbon neutral construction of urban landscape area - II
Chair: Yanlin Liu, P.R. China

  • On Research and Exploration of New Media Interaction Design in Display Design
    Le Liu, P.R. China
  • On the Experience Design of Interactive Installations in Public Space
    Mu Zhang, P.R. China
  • Interaction Design in Residence Mode of Health and Tourism
    Yanlin Liu, Ruichao Wang, P.R. China; Tingwei Zhao, Canada
  • A Study on Projection-based Public Displays that Attract People with Peripheral Vision
    Chihiro Hantani, Airi Tsuji, Kaori Fujinami, Japan
Wednesday, 29 June 2022
12:00 - 14:00

S165: Pervasive and Intelligent Environments for Living, Working and Learning
Chair: Shin'ichi Konomi, Japan

  • Designing a Distributed Cooperative Data Substrate for Learners without Internet Access
    Shin'ichi Konomi, Xiangyuan Hu, Chenghao Gu, Japan; Doreen Mushi, Tanzania
  • WiHead:WiFi-based Head-Pose Estimation
    Yiming Liu, Shin'ichi Konomi, Japan
  • Human Pose-Based Activity Recognition Approaches on Smart-home Devices
    Tianjia He, P.R. China
  • Mapless Indoor Navigation based on Landmarks
    Lulu Gao, Shin'ichi Konomi, Japan
  • Using Fiducial Marker for Analyzing Wearable Eye-Tracker Gaze Data Measured while Cooking
    Miona Tabuchi, Tetsuya Hirotomi, Japan
14:30 - 16:30

S192: Smart Artifacts in Smart Environments
Chair(s): To be announced

  • Caregivers’ Perceived Usefulness of an IoT-based Smart Bed
    Davide Bacchin, Gabriella F.A. Pernice, Marcello Sardena, Marino Malvestio, Luciano Gamberini, Italy
  • Emotional Design Strategy of Smart Furniture for Small Households Based on User Experience
    Jinlong Li, Han Han, P.R. China
  • Improving User-Centered Interface for Smart Mirror as a Product-Service System Design
    Joosun Yum, Juhyun Lee, Korea; Po Yan Lai, Hong Kong; Ji-Hyun Lee, Korea
  • An Exercise-Promoting System for Exercising while Doing Desk Work
    Mizuki Kobayashi, Airi Tsuji, Kaori Fujinami, Japan
Thursday, 30 June 2022
10:00 - 12:00

S219: Interactivity and Connectivity in Design, Art and Entertainment
Chair: Jun Hu, Netherlands

  • MusicCollage: A Music Composition Tool for Children Based on Synesthesia and a Genetic Algorithm
    Ge Yan, Cheng Yao, Chao Zhang, Jiadi Wang, Yuqi Hu, Fangtian Ying, P.R. China
  • Persuasive Design for Healthy Eating: A Scoping Review
    Xinyue Liu, Xipei Ren, P.R. China; Sibo Pan, Netherlands
  • InterestPainter: A Painting Support Tool to Promote Children's Interest in Painting
    Jiayu Yao, Weijia Lin, Jiayi Ma, Jing Zhang, Shaogeng Zeng, Zheliang Zhu, Fangtian Ying, Cheng Yao, P.R. China
  • An Applied Research of Persuasion Theory in the Design of Weight Management Applications
    Hongyu Liu, Junsong Hu, P.R. China
  • Collective Stress Visualization Enabled by Smart Cushions for Office Chairs
    Matthijs Hoekstra, Netherlands; Pei-lin Lu, Tan Lyu, Biyong Zhang, P.R. China; Jun Hu, Netherlands
  • Design or Art? Technological Interactivity and Connectivity in Designed Objects in a Speculative Design Approach
    Jiajia Chen, P.R. China
12:30 - 14:30

S244: Ambient and Civic Computing
Chairs: Tatsuo Nakajima, Takuro Yonezawa, Japan

  • Case Studies to Enhance Collectively Sharing Human Hearing: Ambient Sounds Memory and Mindful Speaker
    Risa Kimura, Tatsuo Nakajima, Japan
  • Smartphone Localization with Solar-Powered BLE Beacons in Warehouse
    Kazuma Kano, Takuto Yoshida, Nozomi Hayashida, Yusuke Asai, Hitoshi Matsuyama, Shin Katayama, Kenta Urano, Takuro Yonezawa, Nobuo Kawaguchi, Japan
  • Participatory Sensing Platform Concept for Wildlife Animals in the Himalaya Region, Nepal
    Daisuké Shimotoku, Japan; Tian Yuan, P.R. China; Laxmi Kumar Parajuli, Hill Hiroki Kobayashi, Japan
  • Enhancing Self-protection: What Influences Human’s Epidemic Prevention Behavior during the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Liqiang Xu, P.R. China; Yuuki Nishiyama, Kaoru Sezaki, Japan
  • Understanding Intra-Regional Flow of Vehicles Using Automatic License Plate Recognition
    Kenro Aihara, Japan

S245: Experiencing Intelligent Systems and Services
Chair: Jiajia Chen, P.R. China

  • How People Get Peak Experience When They Using TV?
    Kun Wang, Bilan Huang, Hanxu Bu, P.R. China
  • A Virtual Reality Scaffolding Prototype for College Students Self-directed Learning in STEAM
    Jun Xu, Jinlei Weng, Ye Xu, Yuling Xin, P.R. China
  • TSSP: A Toolkit to Broaden the Possibilities for Transmedia Content Creation
    Jie Hao, P.R. China; Chawchen Ting, Taiwan*, China; Zhilu Cheng, Huan Wang, P.R. China
  • From Interactive Experience to Behavioral Participation --A Probe into the Expression of Public-Interest in the Era of Digital Intelligence
    Jian Zhou, Jieru Zhou, P.R. China
  • Social Product Design: An Approach to Improving Behavior Relationship for Chinese Older Adults in Community Space
    Lei Bai, P.R. China
  • Improving Information Acquisition in City Tours via Simplified Virtual Scenes with Location-based POIs
    Yujia Cao, Yiyi Zhang, Tatsuo Nakajima, Japan

S246: Contemporary and Near Future Smart Environments
Chair: Mostafa Alani, Iraq

  • Towards Social Companions in Augmented Reality: Vision and Challenges
    Anton Nijholt, Netherlands
  • Augmented Reality Supported Real-Time Data Processing Using Internet of Things Sensor Technology
    Alexander Arntz, Felix Adler, Dennis Kitzmann, Sabrina C. Eimler, Germany
  • Dynamic Environmental Plugins: Programmable Architectural Elements Reactive to Socio-Environmental Conditions
    Mostafa Alani, Iraq; Michael C. Kleiss, United States; Muwafaq Shyaa Alwan, Iraq; Sida Dai, United States
  • Integrating Uni-messe and FIWARE for Low-Code Development of Complex Context-Aware Applications
    Takuya Nakata, Tasuku Watanabe, Sinan Chen, Masahide Nakamura, Japan
  • The Use of AI To Develop Smart Infrastructure in Indonesia
    Cindy Fabrizia Suling, Achmad Nurmandi, Isnaini Muallidin, Eko Priyo Purnomo, Danang Kurniawan, Indonesia
Friday, 1 July 2022
12:00 - 14:00

S271: Usage of Smart Technologies in Cities and Organisations
Chair: Guochao (Alex) Peng, P.R. China

  • Investigation of Enterprise WeChat Development Modes Based on a SWOT-PEST Model
    Fei Xing, Guochao (Alex) Peng, Zengjian Huang, P.R. China
  • Interpreting the Development of Information Security Industry from Standards
    Jie Liu, Yongxin Kong, Guochao (Alex) Peng, P.R. China
  • An Evaluation System of One-Stop Smart City App Performance Based on ANP
    Bingqian Zhang, Siyuan Wu, Guochao (Alex) Peng, P.R. China
  • Exploring the Implementation of Web, Mobile, and VR Technology for Cultural Heritage Presentation
    Junyang Li, Guochao (Alex) Peng, Ning Zhang, P.R. China
  • A System Design of Virtual Reality Enabled Chinese Ancient Books for Enhancing Reading Promotion and Culture Dissemination
    Ning Zhang, Anlun Wan, Jingwen Huang, Peipei Cao, P.R. China
  • Research on the Application of Blockchain Technology in the Cross-border E-Commerce Supply Chain Domain
    Fei Xing, Guochao (Alex) Peng, Zaipeng Liang, P.R. China
14:30 - 16:30

S301: Smart ecosystems and human-machine networks for sustainability and resilience
Chair: Nicos Komninos, Greece

  • Designing City Service Ecosystems: The Case of the City of Espoo in the Capital Region of Finland
    Ari-Veikko Anttiroiko, Kaisu Sahamies, Finland
  • From ‘Smart-only’ Island towards Lighthouse of Research and Innovation
    Norbert A. Streitz, Christine Riedmann-Streitz, Germany; Lúcio Quintal, Portugal
  • Mapping the Research Space Shaped by EU-Funded Projects in Relation to Cyber-Physical Systems, Human-Machine Networks and their Connection to Resilience
    Anastasia Panori, Artemis Psaltoglou, Greece
  • The Landscape of Digital Platforms for Bottom-Up Collaboration, Creativity, and Innovation Creation
    Aikaterini Katmada, Nicos Komninos, Christina Kakderi, Greece
  • Universality and Interoperability Across Smart City Ecosystems
    Ioannis Tsampoulatidis, Nicos Komninos, Evangelos Syrmos, Dimitrios Bechtsis, Greece
  • Enabling Real-time and Big Data-driven Analysis to Detect Innovation City Patterns and Emerging Innovation Ecosystems at the Local Level
    Eleni Oikonomaki, United States
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